Omoikiri Nagano-BE (4994044)


single lever sink mixer, Assembly on the sink or countertop

General information (Omoikiri Nagano-BE (4994044))
Country of production Japan
Main (Omoikiri Nagano-BE (4994044))
Type mixer
The purpose for washing
Installation on the sink or countertop
Number of mounting holes 1
The mechanism single lever
Color options chrome, beige
Material brass
Connect water filter
Design (Omoikiri Nagano-BE (4994044))
Ceramic cartridge 35 mm
Swivel spout 360 °
Retractable spout
Cascade spout
Return spring
Shut-off valve
Check valve
Suitable for instantaneous heater
Adjust water flow
The temperature limiter
The stopper safe temperature
Button save water
Protection against limescale
Trim (Omoikiri Nagano-BE (4994044))
Drain set (bottom valve)
Hidden mechanism
Shower set
Spout for bidet
Swivel spout
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